Commission Piece

This is a portrait I did of my friend's baby. Her name is Carson, and she's the sweetest! She just got a baby brother today, and he's adorable as well. I've never held a baby so fresh out of the oven before. Precious! Miraculous!

Email me to commission me. joshucassidy@hotmail.com.


Illustration Portfolio

Hey everyone, I've began a new blog that will showcase my illustration portfolio. Please visit it here at www.joshcassidy.blogspot.com.


Cover of 'Free Throw'

This is a digital painting I painted for the cover of the program for the Phoenix Suns. It was used for the March 22nd game versus the Rockets.

I have decided to make a limited edition run of 50 prints of this painting. The print size is 11x17 and and will be $100 plus shipping. To order, email me at joshuacassidy@hotmail.com.

Also, look for a Steve Nash coming soon!


Cable Car

"Cable Car"
6 x 6" oil on board


This is another one from San Francisco. I like the way the red pops out from the hazy grays.



7 x 5" oil on board

I love the way that the light shines in on this train station starkly contrasting the windows with the dark ceiling and train. It reminds me of the contrast between arrivals and departures.

Also, I wanted to inform all my loyal visitors that I will be away from the easel this week celebrating Thanksgiving. So, farewell for now.


The Ice Cream Man

"The Ice Cream Man"
6 x 6" oil on board



San Fransisco Street

"San Fransisco Street"
5 x 7" oil on board

On a trip to San Fransisco, I saw this Sherman Clay building. They started selling pianos in 1870.

I love old buildings-the bricks, the windows, the colors, and the history.


City At Dusk

"City At Dusk"
6 x 6" oil on board



Texas Flood

"Texas Flood"
5 x 7" oil on board



Dried Yellow Rose

"Dried Yellow Rose"
6 x 6" oil on board



First Guitar

"First Guitar"
5 x 7" oil on board

This is the first guitar I ever owned. My grandpa gave it to me as a gift ten years ago.

I like the bright colors in this painting. Most of them are straight out of the tube.


Light Bulbs

"Light Bulbs"
5 x 7" oil on board

Here's a little something different. I wanted to get abstract and colorful. Loose and bold.

The bending tulips remind me of light bulbs shining on the pear.


Old Love

"Old Love"
5 x 7" oil on board



Good Acoustics

"Good Acoustics"
6 x 6" oil on board



Empty Shoes No. 3

"Empty Shoes No. 3"
7 x 5" oil on board



6 x 6" oil on board



Flores Para Rosa Maria

"Flores Para Rosa Maria"
5 x 7" oil on board


Esta pintura es para ti. Que te mejores, y te amo.


Stormy Sunday

"Stormy Sunday"
5 x 7" oil on board

Seeing the Steelers in action today inspired me to paint this one.


Babe Ruth Baseball Card

"Babe Ruth Baseball Card"
6 x 6" oil on board

This is a 1948 Leaf Babe Ruth card. In mint condition it would be valued at $700-900.

I love the way baseball cards looked back then. They were small works of art.



5 x 7" oil on board




6 x 6" oil on board (click to bid)


On April 8th, 1967, Hammerin' Hank crushed his 715th homerun, surpassing Babe Ruth on the all-time list. On a 1-0 fastball, Henry made history when he served the pitch into the seats in left. Aaron went on to hit 755 homeruns in his illustrious major league career.


Empty Shoes No. 2

"Empty Shoes No. 2"
5 x 7" oil on board


I got these shoes for my wife on her birthday. Everyone loved them and thought I did such a wonderful job picking them out. Little did they know, she's the one that picked them--all I did was buy 'em and wrap 'em. I guess the cat's out of the bag!



7 x 5" oil on canvas panel

The temperature dropped big time here in Nashville--so I cooked up some cocoa to warm up a little bit.

However, I liked the way the soft brown liquid looked in the bright red mug so much, that instead of drinking it--I painted it. Needless to say--both me and the cocoa are cold.


Hubcap And Headlights

"Hubcap And Headlights"
5 x 7" oil on board


Play Pretty

"Play Pretty"
5 x 7" oil on board

A few years ago, my grandpa and I built this guitar. He had given me my first guitar, taught me how to play, and was always extremely encouraging.

Before he passed away, he told me to 'play pretty'-unkowingly naming the guitar that we had crafted together.

In this painting, I used bright, happy yellows to represent the memories that I have of him.




Thank You

Well I have slacked off these passed two days, but I wanted to share something with all of you loyal visitors. I've been doing this painting a day blog for three weeks now, and I've seen the traffic flow steadily increase, so I wanted to say THANK YOU for checking it out, and KEEP COMING! Oh yeah, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!

This is a picture that I did using pastels. It was fun to do, but there is an obvious error within the picture. Can anyone spot it?

New post to come tomorrow!




For Layla

"For Layla"
5 x 7" oil on canvas panel



The Catch

"The Catch"
5 x 7" oil on canvas panel (click to bid)


October is here! And with October comes playoff baseball.

Revered as the greatest catch in World Series history, Willie Mays pulled off this web gem in game 1 of the 1954 World Series. This catch prevented the Cleveland Indians from taking the lead, and the Giants went on to sweep the series.


Three Yellow Roses

"Three Yellow Roses"
5 x 7" oil on canvas panel



Abbey Road

"Abbey Road"
6 x 6" oil on board


One of the most influential bands ever, The Beatles, made the street outside the studio famous with the cover of their final album.

Meet the priest, undertaker, corpse, and gravedigger. LMW 281F.


The Piano

"The Piano"
7 x 5" oil on board


I wanted this one to be all about color, shape, and space. I used complimentary colors, squares and rectangles to help create a unique backdrop for the bold piano. The curves of the black piano provide a stark contrast to the angular walls.



5 x 7" oil on board


The sunflower is such a beautiful flower. This is my attempt to capture that beauty.


Guitar Lesson

"Guitar Lesson"
6 x 6" oil on board


Its never too soon for a little guitar lesson. In fact, I think its best to sandwich it in between walking and talking.

I love the warm, soft colors in this painting. They really make the red cap pop.

Microphone No. 2

"Microphone No. 2"
5 x 7" oil on board


This is the second in a series of microphones that I am doing.

I like the bold contrast between the dark background, and the white highlights on the silver microphone, tied together by the light blues and greys to compose the mid tones. The brushtrokes are bold and loud--just like rock n roll.


Electrical Outlet

"Electrical Outlet"
6 x 6" oil on board


I love to play guitar, and sometimes you just have to turn it up and let the neighbors know you're home.

This one was fun, because there's so much light and shadow playing tricks on the floor, wall, and guitar.


Southern Skies

"Southern Skies"
6 x 6" oil on board

I love the way rain and dark skies completely change a scene. The somber sky casts a different light, leaving colors looking dull--as if all under one immense damp shadow.


Empty Shoes

"Empty Shoes"
6 x 6" oil on board

My wife is out of town, and all I see is her empty shoes. They're just laying there reminding me of her absence.

So, sweetie, this one's for you. Come home soon!



6 x 6" oil on board


I find magazine covers extremely interesting. Many of them are graphical works of art--exact and precise.

Ironically, in this painting, I wanted to depict that exact preciseness in a loose and spontaneous way.


Lime On Saucer

"Lime On Saucer"
7 x 5" oil on board

No real story behind this one, I just saw the lime sitting on the counter and wanted to paint it.

I like how the warm yellows and cool greens of the lime are contrasted by the white highlights of the saucer.


Fresh Paint

"Fresh Paint"
5 x 7" oil on board

I love new paints! They're so inspiring to me. I see the different colors and they move me to create.

As I was deciding what to paint today, I saw these new tubes laying out and got inspired. I love the way they look together and wanted to capture that.


Good Morning?

"Morning Jolt"
6 x 6" oil on board


I saw these birds on a wire one morning and enjoyed their silhouettes against the stone-stained sky. It also made me wonder--maybe powerlines are like coffee shops for birds. A place where they can get a little extra charge.


Testing, Testing

6 x 6" oil on board


A few years back, a friend of mine gave me this mic. It is very old and no longer works, but I always loved to wonder who sang through it, and what type of music it amplified.

I wanted to depict the mic in a most basic fashion--lines and space, drawing comparisons to my other passion--music. I see the grooves on the microphone as the staffs on a sheet of music, and the highlights as whole notes.


New York, New York

"New York's Finest"
5 x 7" oil on board (click to bid)


I recently took a trip to New York City and completely fell in love! I find it interesting that tons of concrete and steel can look so beautiful and inspiring.

I saw this officer standing gaurd near Rockefeller Plaza with his horse, and immediately became intrigued. Vivid scenes of the officer chasing down a purse snatcher, or would-be mugger came to mind. Which then led to the all-important question: if he arrests someone, does he bring them in on the back of his horse?


Without Further Adieu...

"Spider Bite"
24 x 36" oil on antique window

Well, it's finally here! The moment we've all been waiting for. My painting a day blog!--Thanks to Duane Keiser for the great idea!

On this blog, I will be posting little 5x7, 5x5, and 6x6 paintings that I create for the world to see along with a little blurb about the artwork. My paintings will portray everyday life as I see it, and vary in style and subject.

For my very first one, I decided to paint a field with some haystacks. I saw this scene driving throught Franklin, TN one day and just had to capture it. I titled it 'spider bite' because that's what I got standing in the field to take the photo. Enjoy!